Taking an old school art form and giving it a little twist, Gypsy Skulls is a form of pressed flower art made into unique, one of a kind pieces. Locally made in Calgary, AB, this art originated with the pressed flower sugar skull and branched out from there. 

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About the artist

Having been born and raised in Calgary, I am proud to call this beautiful city home. I truly have the most random hobbies/interests; I feel as though I am 8 different people compiled into 1 random human. 
My passion is health and fitness and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to not only gain a degree within this field, but contribute to research in the area of clinical exercise physiology. I am also a huge music fan and have lost hours on end immersing myself into new tunes. I enjoy cycling, long boarding and in the winter, snow boarding. I play a little bit of guitar and sometimes, I even sing, but mostly just in front of my plethora of pets and my baby girl. Cooking is one my favorite things to do, and you can’t have food without wine…! And lastly, I absolutely LOVE arts and crafts. Anything crafty, I am into it, which is of course, is how Gypsyskulls came about.

Gypsy Skulls Inspiration

My entire family is incredibly artsy and talented in their own right. I was raised doing arts and crafts, but I never identified with the world of art like my brother and sister; I was always the athletic one. While pursuing my Masters degree, I found that athletics was not enough of a channel to alleviate stress and I needed more…some would call this procrastination, I called it an ‘outlet’. It was summertime in the Okanagan, so there were copious amounts of beautiful flowers and it just so happened that at that time, my grandmother had given me a flower press. Knowing that I would use them for something, I started collecting flowers and pressing them. Skulls were hitting it big at that point and I just loved the look of sugar skulls. I saw an artist’s rendition of a sugar skull painted with water color flowers and thought to myself ‘that would look so bad ass with real flowers!’. Selfishly, I wanted one for myself, so I made one. And it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I still have it...it resembles Hannibal the cannibal. But over time and with practice, I fine-tuned the pressed flower skull. Immediately my friends wanted one too…and it just grew from there.

Creating for me is an outlet. It affords me the opportunity to let go and just be in that moment and see what happens. Sometimes the results are terrible and I love that just as much. It always provides a good laugh. Sometimes, you create the most beautiful thing in the world and I can hardly believe that this creation came from me. Each piece is an expression of me in some way and I love that people identify with that.