Taking an old school art form and giving it a modern twist, Gypsy Skulls is a form of pressed flower art made into unique, one of a kind pieces. Gypsy Skulls originated with the pressed flower Skull and has grown to showcase a variety of images with a little something for everyone. Now available on pillows, tea towels, baby blankets and apparel, we pride ourselves in having completely transparent production, with all North American made goods, most of which happens right here in my hometown, Calgary.

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About the artist

Born and raised in Calgary, AB., I grew up in a very artistic environment and was always encouraged to express myself creatively. I never identified with the world of art and instead went to University to successfully obtain a degree in Kinesiology and begin a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. After contributing 2 years of research to the University of British Columbia, it was time to head home and get a 'real job', only it didn't take place quite as I imagined it would. Gypsy Skulls was born as a procrastination tactic that completely took over my life in the most amazing way possible. Taking an old school art form that I learned from my grandmother and giving it a modern twist, pressed flowers took on a whole new meaning for me and I couldn't be more grateful. I never thought I would turn this endeavor into a business, however, allowing me the luxury of raising my two babies and forcing me to learn and grow in ways I had never imagined, I am forever thankful that this is the path I am on.

Creating for me is an outlet. It affords me the opportunity to let go and just be in that moment and see what happens. Sometimes the results are terrible and I love that just as much. It always provides a good laugh. Sometimes, you create the most beautiful thing in the world and I can hardly believe that this creation came from me. Each piece is an expression of me in some way and I love that people identify with that.

Why Gypsy Skulls? I chose to name my company Gypsy Skulls in part because it simply began with a pressed flower Skull and I never imagined it would go any further than that. The Gypsy component is an ode to my childhood. I grew up with a pretty incredible Mom who raised us to honor our free spirit and live in the moment. Always with a bohemian flare, my moms soul endeavor was to make something out of nothing and most importantly, enjoy the adventure that challenge created. Her favorite quote to this day is "Life is a Daring Adventure or nothing at all" {Helen Keller}, and what an adventure it has been thus far!